A place for everything…


At Roundhouse we make beautiful bespoke British kitchens, wardrobes and other furniture.

What we design is a space for living.


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A place for everything…

Leigh04_AThis top floor city flat visited recently by Amy, our Kitchen Coach, is so beautifully designed with a place for everything and everything in its place. It’s a compact space and so is a perfect room for a Roundhouse bespoke kitchen and really demonstrates that smaller kitchens don’t have to mean you must compromise on the design.Leigh08_AHowever, getting the most from the space available means careful thought and planning to exact the most out of the storage, so a good designer is essential. This Roundhouse Urbo matt lacquer bespoke kitchen is packed with storage space to allow the client to keep the area clutter free – even the oven stack is hidden behind our ingenious pocket doors to maintain the integrity of the streamlined look.Leigh02_ALeigh13_AOften with a small kitchen there aren’t many options when it comes to layout, so how you utilise every inch of space and squeeze in as much storage as you can so that surfaces can be kept free of clutter, is vital. The clearer you keep the surfaces the better the illusion of space.Leigh14_AThe way products and technology are developing is giving designers a wider choice of solutions and now we have the flexibility to change drawer depths and drawers suit small kitchens – very deep drawers are now pretty standard and utilise the space really well.Leigh03_AWe think this kitchen packs a storage punch way above it’s size and awkward shapes and is a great example of how a bespoke solution can really work in a compact space.